Video Coordinator Responsibilities

A Video Coordinator is often responsible for initial PQD set up, credential creation, download and installation for coaches.

A Video Coordinator's role involves the following

  • Download and Install 

    • Activate Account, download, install, license machines
  • Configure Folder Structure

    • Understand where Pro Quick Draw files and drawings are mapped on your network
    • Ensure coaches are all connected to shared drive
  • Install Catapult Integration

    • If your team has purchased the Integration package, you can view your Catapult Video & Data directly in Pro Quick Draw
    • To enable, you must download a Video Tools file, enable permissions and log into Thundercloud for proper data syncing.
  • Perform Software Updates

    • Pro Quick Draw deploys software updates, but coaches must be select "New Version Available" in order to receive these updates. We ask VC's to perform these updates for coaches during the off-season.
    • In some cases, you organization may request .MSI format downloads. Contact a PQD team member if you require a .MSI file download.
  • Manage Licenses

    • The off-season is a perfect time for VC's to assess their license usage and delete machines of coaches who have left
    • Change License username if you are a new VC
    • License new machines for new coaches