IT Personnel Responsibilities

IT members are an integral part in working with the technical side of Pro Quick Draw's downloading process.

IT Personnel's role with Pro Quick Draw may find the following items useful:

  • Download Requirements to run Pro Quick Draw

    • Computer Specs in order to run Pro Quick Draw
    • PQD is a plug-in to Visio & PowerPoint. There are Visio & PowerPoint version Requirements in order to run Pro Quick Draw.
  • Decide upon .MSI versus .EXE for your download format

    • Do you want to control each download with a .MSI file? Pro Quick Draw will send you the latest .MSI file when available
    • .EXE will allow coaches to automatically download the latest version by clicking "New Version Available" inside Visio or PowerPoint.
  • Download & Install

    • Activate Account, download, install, license machines
  • Configure Folder Structure

    • Understand where Pro Quick Draw files and drawings are mapped on your network
    • Ensure coaches are all connected to shared drive