Convert old Playbook to PQD (Visio)

Switching to PQD for the first time and have files built in Visio? Follow these step-by-step instructions to convert your former playbook into PQD format.

Convert a Previous Playbook to PQD (Visio)



When converting a previously created playbook you want to transform each drawing as its own individual file. 

The instructions below are to help you create a standard size for all of your drawings with a transparent border.

  1. Open previously created Visio playbook and dock on one side of the screen.
  2. Go to Start Menu > Visio > Create a New Blank Drawing and dock on the other side of the screen. This is important so you can work between the two documents.

  3. Turn on the Toggle Panel > Select a template that will be the size of the majority of the plays you will create (ie: 6 Up, 8 Up, 10 Up). This is important to help create a "standard" size.
  4. Select Home Tab > Rectangle Shape and draw a rectangle that is the same size of the box you will drop your play into a template. This is represented by the gray box below.
  5. Cut this rectangular object, delete your template and paste the object back into the drawing.
  6. Go to the Design Tab > Auto Size > Turn Off > Size button > Fit to Drawing.

  7. On the Home Tab > Select No Fill > Line > Line Options. Within this menu, Change Line Transparency to 100%
  8. Keep the box selected, go to the Home Tab >  Layers > Assign to Layer. Label it ‘Border'
  9. On the Home Tab > Select Layers > Layer Properties > Lock button > Apply > 'OK'
  10. Select the View Tab and make sure Page Breaks is Enabled. All of the objects in your drawing need to be withing the grid area. To view the Grid, make sure Grid is enabled.
  11. Open the window that has your old playbook.
  12. Copy & paste one individual play into the blank grid and make fit into format
  13. Go to File > Save As (or shortcut: Fn + F12) and save this file to the Blank Folder Structure. You can rename this folder when finished to establish your new playbook.

  14. After the play has been saved, delete the drawing, go back and copy a drawing and paste in the same blank area. 
  15. Go to File > Save As (or shortcut: Fn + F12) and save this file to the Blank Folder Structure
  16. Repeat steps 13-15 until whole playbook is in PQD format.

    After completion make sure your Master Library folder is linked to the new correct playbook folder you created (see How to Connect Your Library) if you have troubles.