Getting Started with the QwikCut Integration

It's never been easier to combine your drawings, data and video together.

The Pro Quick Draw x QwikCut two-way integration will allow you to:

  • Integrate QwikCut video clips into presentations
  • Create Scout Cards with data pulled directly from Qwikcut columns
  • Insert still images from your film

Setting up QwikCut Integration

  • Close PowerPoint
  • Ensure you're running latest version of Pro Quick Draw from the the Customer Portal.
    1.  If you get this pop up below after running the installer, you are up to date. Please click cancel.
Repair or Uninstall

How to turn on and login to your QwikCut account through the PQD Toggle Panel QwikCut Button

Note: The QwikCut is an additional charge. Ensure the integration has been purchased and turned on by Pro Quick Draw.

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Turn on the Toggle Panel
  3. Select the QwikCut Play Library Button

Toggle Panel Qwikcut-1

4.   Type your QwikCut Email & Password (check 'remember me')

QwikCut Login

5.   Select your team account using the dropdown menu next to 'School' and begin to navigate your playlist library to find the correct playlist

Playlist in PQD_QwikCut

6.   To the right of this menu, you will be able to see the Data associated with the playlist

 Playlist View Qwikcut

Why QwikCut?

  • Affordable Access To Our Game Film Analysis Platform

  • Flexible Video Storage - Affordable Upgrades Available

  • View Your Games Online Or On Our Mobile App

  • Full HD Videography With All The Angles You Need For Proper Game Film Analysis

For more information about QwikCut Video & Analytics, visit