How to Upload Playbook as a new Playlist

This feature will allow you to upload your presentation as it's own playlist within Hudl.

You must have Hudl Gold or above in order to use this feature

  • Select the Upload Playbook as New Playlist Button
  • After clicking this button, use the menu option to determine where you want your playlist to live.
  • Folder is choose by clicking the correct folder location on the left menu
  • Edit Name: Type the name of your playlist
  • Notify Email - you must add an email in order to confirm the uploaded playlist
  • Export to Template - this is not needed but if you wanted to change the look of your presentation on the fly use this option.
    • Transform to Template - choose another PQD Template
    • Flip Drawing: Change the vertical aspect of your drawing
  • Export Range - select which slides or all if you want specific slides to upload

You can upload presentation with or without PQD slides. This can be used as a great tool to use to share generic presentations with players/staff/parents.