Template Offerings and Template Library Location

Pro Quick Draw has designed and included over 40+ templates layouts for you to use or customize


How to View the Templates

In the top left of your Pro Quick Draw tab you can locate the template thumbnails by selecting Select Template.

Screenshot 2023-10-11 134513

A sample of some of the templates Pro Quick Draw offers.

How to Read Template Naming Conventions:

L: Landscape

P: Portrait

D: Drawing

DT: Drawing + Title

DTC: Drawing, Title & Count

Change the location of your Templates Folder

The default template offered live in a default folder location (ProQuickDraw4 > Templates > Visio).  However, you want to change this folder location because:

  1. You may be on a staff and want to share template with your fellow coaches using a shared drive.
  2. You prefer a custom folder of yours

To change the location of your Templates Folder, find the Page Template section of the Pro Quick Draw Ribbon near the Select Template icon.  There is a small box with an arrow in the bottom right of the section. Select this small arrow.


Navigate to this folder of you new location.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 111100