Determining which template to use for your drawings

To customize playbook to fit your needs, you must choose a template as the foundation.

How to Determine Which Template to Use for your Drawings

  • What type of playbook template do you want?
  • How many boxes on your page do you want to display?

Most professional and collegiate teams use 06-Up DT or DTC

Example: This is a drawing area that resembles a 4:3 drawing.

If you want to use the 06-up for my drawings, I need to make sure that my drawings are the same aspect ratio as this template.

My individual drawing should look like this:

You'll notice that my drawing above is a 4:3 drawing, which fits neatly inside of the 06 Up template illustrated below.

If you're a defensive coach that likes to use a 08 Up or even a 10 Up:

Then your drawings need to be wider than they are taller:

PQD will resize your drawings to fit whichever template you select. 

***Best practice is to create your drawings that best fit the aspect ratio of your template***