How to Begin Building Drawings for My Library

Build out drawings for your library by first making sure your base drawing format is how you want all your library drawings to look.


Pro Quick Draw's standard format field background is High School 16:9. Below are instructions for changing the standard format.


Use a pre-made drawing format

  • Start by selecting a template to throw the drawing into and pressing update to put it on your slide
  • Then choose a pre-made drawing to build off of in the Master Library and add it to the template
  • Select that drawing by pressing the field background in the template (drawing will then have a border present) and press the Edit button
  • Once you're in the file you'll make the drawing format and layout look how you want using normal PowerPoint functions.
  • Change your background by right clicking on the field and selecting Format Background
  • Then in the Format Background window that appears on the right side of the screen select Insert... 
  • Here we'll choose From a File and navigate to the background we want in Documents-ProQuickdraw4-Backgrounds folder

  • Once you've formatted your background you'll customize your shape icons into the color, size, shape, and font you'd like them to be in
  • When finished, exit out of the file in the top right and hit save. Now in the template it will be the new updated version.
  • Now you can select a template and choose Save As to start building the rest of your drawings off that template and have them look uniform.