How can I share my presentation with video?

In order to share a presentation that has video attached you must use the Prepare for Offline button in the Hudl Tab.

  1. Create your presentation and add your video clips. 
  2. When finished, click the Prepare for Offline within the Hudl Tab
  3. Select the destination folder
  4. When this is finished downloading you will see this prompt and you can share the .zip file

A .zip file will be created, this you either keep locally on your machine or you can share that file in an email. YOU MUST SHARE THE .ZIP FILE, not the presentation. The .zip will contain the presentation and the video within the presentation


How can I watch this presentation if I received this file?

  1. Download the .zip file.
  2. Right click on the file within file explore and extract all.
  3. Choose the destination.
  4. Open the .pptx that was extracted and you can view the presentation with the video.