How to import my GoArmy Edge drawings into PowerPoint with Pro Quick Draw

Import any plays or formations in your playbooks from GAE into PowerPoint, using Pro Quick Draw


Note: You must purchase the GoArmy Edge Integration from Pro Quick Draw to use the integration

  1. Open the Go Army Edge application on your computer.
  2. Go to View Playbooks and select the three dots to the right of the playbook you want to export from GAE and Import into PowerPoint.

  3. Select Export.
  4. This will create the .json file that you’ll import into PowerPoint. You’ll decide what folder in your file explorer to put it in or create a new folder called ‘GoArmy Edge Imports’ and click Save.
  5. Go into PowerPoint and open the GoArmy Edge tab on the top ribbon.
  6. Select the Import icon and press the three dots to the right of ‘File to Import'.
  7. Find your GAE Playbook in File to Import and click Open.
  8. Select the three dots to the right of Import Library and decide where you want your GAE playbook to live as PowerPoint files on your computer.
  9. Adjust how you want your drawings to look when you pull them in (color, shape, players numbers, player path..etc) in the 
  10. Change your Master Library to your GAE playbook. Press the dropdown in the bottom right of the Drawing section in the Pro Quick Draw tab.
  11.   Press ‘Select Folder’ then you’ll be able to pull your drawings into any template using PQD.