Getting Started with the Hudl Integration

How to login to your Hudl account through the PQD Toggle Panel Hudl Button

Note: You must purchase the Hudl Integration from Pro Quick Draw to use the integration

Instructions for setting up the Hudl Integration

  1. Close PowerPoint
  2. Ensure you're running latest version of Pro Quick Draw from the the Customer Portal.
    1. After logging into the portal, click on Downloads > Download Pro Quick Draw.

3. When promoted, Click Repair to ensure you are running the latest version of PQD.

Repair or Uninstall

4.   Download the PQD Video Tools & Templates located in the Downloads tab of the Customer Portal.


5.   Restart PowerPoint > Open Toggle Panel > Select Hudl Play Library to login with your Hudl credentials

Note: You must have Hudl Package Gold (or higher) in order to add presentations to your Hudl Account
  • With this integration, you will be able to see playlists from all of your Hudl Accounts
    • Turn on the Toggle Panel
    • Select the Hudl Play Library Button
  • Select your team account using the dropdown menu next to 'School' and begin to navigate your playlist library to find the correct playlist.

  • To the right of this menu you will be able to see the Data associated with the playlist