Add plays to your library using Visio (fastest method)

Begin drawing your library quickly by drawing in a normal Visio Drawing and using 'Save As'

How to Add Plays to Your Library using Visio

When you're ready to get rolling and feel more comfortable with PQD, the best thing you can do to draw is to build your library outside of using the templates. 

Once you have your "foundation" drawing (the style and size that you will use consistently), it is rather easy to build your library quickly.


Example: We are going to approach the library building from a defensive point of view. We will quickly add opponent personnel groupings to my defensive playbook.

  1. Open your foundation drawing from the file explorer.

  2. Make your adjustment to the drawing
  3. Go to File > Save As > Browse, save the new drawing in the correct folder. For this example, the drawing is called "12"
  4. Repeat the process.